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027 414 3189
Wellington Region

PR Marketing Solutions

PR Marketing Solutions has a passion for all things marketing. In this day and age, putting all your eggs in one basket can mean you are limiting the amount of exposure you get and may mean you don’t reach your ideal clients – the people who will help make your business grow and be profitable.

Dealing with different people and companies for each marketing platform can be confusing and expensive as each one will be working to their own agenda and will naturally always tell you theirs is the most important. They have different ideas on how you should present your business and what your look should be. This can result in people’s websites, social media, print and signage being a mixture of different versions of logos, colours and messages. This confuses clients and leads to missed opportunities for your business.

PR Marketing Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. We will work with your business to identify what makes you unique, and exactly who your ideal client is. Together we design a customised plan that clearly demonstrates the best marketing platforms for your business.For existing businesses, PR Marketing Solutions will review all your current marketing initiatives. This includes how well each one is set up, what your spend is, and the results you are getting. We offer advice on how you can improve your existing business presence.

If you need to change who you currently do your marketing with – or branch out into fresh marketing platforms – PR Marketing Solutions can be your single point of contact to set it all up. We work with a team of experts in a variety of fields including web developers and designers, social media specialists, Google SEO and AdWords experts, graphic designers, print and radio professionals and others. We will coordinate providers on your behalf to ensure continuity of brand and results, giving you the reassurance of knowing all your marketing needs are being met by a team who understand your business and your goals.

Phillippa Roil
Owner/Marketing Adviser

I am an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. I am skilled in Sales, Management, Direct Marketing, Business Development and Marketing Strategy.

It was through my role promoting websites that I discovered clients needed and wanted more advice on how to market their business over and above just having a website. People working in startups and small businesses in particular would get overwhelmed by the different options available and struggled to identify who they could trust to get results versus who was just trying to get them to spend as much as possible, regardless of whether or not the product was needed.

Over the years I have worked with exceptionally experienced, knowledgeable people and businesses over multiple marketing platforms and during this time I identified a gap in the market. I saw the need for someone to help liaise between platform experts and businesses to help put together different pieces of the marketing jigsaw and be an advocate for those who are too busy to do it themselves or find the multiple options overwhelming.

And that’s why I started PR Marketing Solutions.