The equivalent of your own in house marketing team, helping your business be found, grow and increase profitability.

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Wellington Region

027 414 3189
Wellington Region

Why PR Marketing Solutions (PRMS) was created

Are you ready to boost your business and know exactly what you need to be doing to be successful with your marketing?

If your answer is yes then you’re in the right place because our team of talented marketers are dedicated to getting the results our clients want AND we work together to ensure ALL of your marketing is consistent, cohesive, and works!

Our Owner and Marketing Strategist Phillippa Roil started PR Marketing Solutions after 20 years of sales and marketing working for the “big guys”. A little fed up with the way that these larger companies work, Phillippa always felt as though her clients were being offered limited services for ridiculous prices. Being a big believer in giving honest and reliable advice and delivering marketing services across all available channels and platforms, Phillippa saw that this was all a bit unrealistic in these established marketing firms.

Every client was put into a box, given pricing that was based on what the company thought they could afford to pay, and excluded from what needed to be done with their own marketing due to industry jargon being thrown back and forth.

All of these things are everything we’re not and that’s why Phillippa started PR Marketing Solutions.

At PRMS we combine all of the different aspects of marketing in one place and we pride ourselves on giving our clients access to a skilled team that is essentially your own in-house marketing team.

Meet Phillippa Roil

This saves you the stress of having separate providers which can slow results and cost a lot more money.

Every business is unique and not every marketing plan should look the same. That’s why we take the time out to understand you and your business and what makes you different.

Our FUNdamental Marketing Plan is where we start with all of this, identifying:
What makes your business unique
Who your real target audience is and what platforms you should use to market to them
What the best keywords are for your website to rank in online searches and a lot more

We also have a thorough look at your current digital marketing and wider marketing to see what is working, what is not working, and what you can improve on. This sets you up to know exactly what you need to be doing with your marketing and you can then decide whether to implement it yourself or have our experts take this off your hands and manage all of your marketing for you.

And if you’re wondering how it’s all working, no worries! We give you a monthly update through a detailed marketing report. This shows you everything you need to know about all of your different marketing efforts and you can see how much you’ve spent and how much you’ve learnt in comparison.

Another great thing about PR Marketing Solutions is that we all speak human.
No fancy acronyms that have our clients looking confused and absolutely no industry jargon to pull the wool over your eyes. All of that stuff is translated into plain old English so that you understand everything we’re doing.

We want you to have the confidence in choosing the right tools to market your business and we also want you to see that by having the right combination you can get results, regardless of whether you’re a start-up or a more established business wanting to go to the next level.

Get in contact and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Meet the Team

Phillippa Roil

Phillippa Roil

Owner / Marketing Strategist

I am an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. I am skilled in Sales, Management, Direct Marketing, Business Development and Marketing Strategy.

It was through my role promoting websites that I discovered clients needed and wanted more advice on how to market their business over and above just having a website. People working in startups and small businesses, in particular, would get overwhelmed by the different options available and struggled to identify who they could trust to get results versus who was just trying to get them to spend as much as possible, regardless of whether or not the product was needed.

Over the years I have worked with exceptionally experienced, knowledgeable people and businesses over multiple marketing platforms and during this time I identified a gap in the market. I saw the need for someone to help liaise between platform experts and businesses to help put together different pieces of the marketing jigsaw and be an advocate for those who are too busy to do it themselves or find the multiple options overwhelming.

And that’s why I started PR Marketing Solutions.

Avalon Adams

Avalon Adams

Marketing Coordinator

Av is our social media coordinator and strategist, she is a Mail Chimp champ, grammar goddess, and she is a face you will see a lot of if you are one of our clients.

Not only has Av achieved a degree in Communications, but she also has an impressive portfolio of writing behind her having been published in the likes of the Dominion Post and Re: News, and also using her words to write the copy in a mobile app and a Government website.

Felix Page

Felix Page

Digital Marketer

The one-MAN-band at PR Marketing Solutions with extensive experience in all things E-Commerce. Data analysis, sales funnel optimisation, Google ads, social ads, and helping businesses of various sizes in various industries to get the most out of paid advertising are just some of the skills that Felix brings to the team.

Always seeking the opportunity to make a better change, Felix ensures our clients’ websites deliver an exceptional experience.



Health and Wellbeing Officer

If you don’t see this staff member during client meetings, you will hear him! This is Jet. The Health and Wellbeing officer whose presence ensures a balance between work and play in the PR Marketing Solutions office.

When he’s not posting MarCATing tips on our social media, Jet keeps our office chairs warm with impromptu naps and provides valuable input by walking across keyboards and marking papers with his paws. Jet is yet to make his own LinkedIn but you can follow him by following us!