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027 414 3189
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Where do I start and how does it work?

Start with the…

ONLY $995+gst

This evaluates all your current marketing and it’s suitability for your business to get in front of your ideal target audience. It is written simply and identifies what you are doing well, what needs to be fixed and how as well as what is missing or should be stopped.

We look at your website:

  • How easy is it to navigate through
  • Does it provide all the relevant information needed
  • What is the general look
  • How does Google see your site
  • Is it set up properly
  • Review of the analytics


We look at your social media:

  • What platforms are you using
  • Are the pages set up correctly
  • What are you posting
  • Engagement levels
  • Missed opportunities
  • How are your ads set up
  • Review all of the analytics


We also look at any other marketing you are doing, how you have done it and the results such as email marketing, newsletters, traditional media, mail drops etc.

Then create a Strategy Plan focusing on the next 6 months


Why only 6 months?

Things change so quickly in Marketing particulary in the digital marketing world that how things operate today may not be the case in several months time.

It is also crucial to constantly monitor and adapt your marketing depending on what is current and how your target audience reacts or changes their reactions to things.

We create a strategy that takes into consideration all of the research in your FUNdamental Marketing Plan and then depending on the business owner’s personal skills and availability you can decide to either…

 Take the D.I.Y Approach  or…


Become one of our FUNdamental Marketing System Clients!

The D.I.Y Approach

  • Take away your 6-month strategy and implement it yourself! 
  • You can also choose to receive a 6-month content calendar and one of our photoshoot collaboration packages with Monica Ferguson Photography for extra help in creating a unique presence for your business.

FUNdamental Marketing System Client

  • Clients that then become part of our FUNdamental Marketing System have PRMS manage all aspects of their marketing, operating as the equivalent to a full in-house marketing team but at a fraction of the cost. 
  • This includes building and maintaining your website, Google Ads, Social media management, Social media ads, Newsletters, emails as well as coordinating and organising other marketing requirements with graphic designers, photographers, video production and traditional/non-traditional marketing platforms.

  • If you require any changes to your existing website or need a new one this will be an additional charge.
  • Additional Ad spend can also be added with no change in Management costs.
  • Additional social posts or platforms can be added at an additional expense and would be discussed with you at the identification stage.