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6-month FUNdamental Marketing System


Identify – Plan – Implement

Wish you had your own equivalent of an in-house marketing team just like the big guys? Now you can.

With the 6-month FUNdamental Marketing System from PR Marketing Solutions, you get your own team of marketing experts without the expensive payroll that usually comes with it.



First, we Identify what makes your business unique:

  • What are you selling?
  • Is there anything else in the market like it/ how does it compare?

We also Identify who your “real” target audience is:

  • Where are they?
  • What online platforms do they use?
  • And how do they interact with them?
  • What margins do you have with your product so we can ensure a good ROI (return on investment)?

Then, we Plan.
We then create a comprehensive 6-month plan to get you in front of your target audience and start getting good traffic and sales coming in.

We will plan at least 2 social posts a week for your social platform which we identify in stage one. We will set-up and manage both Social and Google Adwords campaigns to help get you ranking in Google searches as well as have a good visual and targeted presence on social media.

Having regular communication with your customers is crucial to keeping you at the front of their minds and out of the competitors’ hands so we will also plan monthly emails to go to your database.

Lastly, we take the reins and Implement all of this.

Everything we identify and plan as vital to the marketing success of your business, we will also do for you. You can continue to focus on the core business and leave all of the marketing to our team of talented experts.

We will maintain, fix, and build any social pages that we have identified to use. We will post twice a week on these pages, producing relevant images and content to support your business and engage with your audience. We will run a combination of Social and Google Ads to help push your products to your targeted audience as well as write and send a monthly email to your database on your behalf.

Monthly marketing reports will also be compiled and sent to you at the start of every month so you can see the actual results behind everything we are doing, as well as the ROI.

Best of all you will have a lot of FUN dealing with the team at PRMS. We are straight up, will use simple terminology when explaining what we are doing and what you need, and we also enjoy coming up with quirky and creative ways of getting the spotlight on your product in your market.

You will have several experts working collaboratively on your marketing to ensure the best results.

Side WARNING: Sense of humour is required to be a client of ours. Plus sharing our love for Tiaras, Super Heros, Unicorns, Kittens or anything shiny… This is only desirable though. If you are looking for a traditional, corporate, suit-wearing Marketing team that uses big words, lots of acronyms and is generally just saying what you want to hear then that isn’t us and trust me, you wouldn’t want it to be!

So, what are you waiting for? Book a FREE discovery call now and let’s see how we can make business for you better.


Option 1

$2675+ GST set up and $1800 +GST

per month (Includes $1k Ad Spend)

Min 6 Months

Option 2

$2246 + GST per month

Min 6 Months

Option 3

One-off upfront payment of $10k

for 6-month service

SAVE $3475. (Wow that’s amazing)

  • If you require any changes to your existing website or need a new one this will be an additional charge.
  • Additional Ad spend can also be added with no change in Management costs.
  • Additional social posts or platforms can be added at an additional expense and would be discussed with you at the identification stage.