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90% of Kiwis 15+ use Social media!

(That’s more than the number of people who watch TV each week, listen to the radio each week, or own a smartphone or tablet)

The key to success with your business social media

  • Create a personal story for your business; an identity, online persona and general tone to your communication.
  • Be consistent in brand and message
  • Show you, your business and its staff personally (People want the behind-the-scenes exclusive look into your business).
  • People use social media for the social aspect don’t SELL, SELL, SELL or be big boring corporate and serious.
  • Personality and being unique and showing your difference from your competitors is key.
  • mixture of content (Original pieces, news, other relevant online posts, website links, videos, etc).
  • Use your own images and try to show your business as much as you can in these (Also protects your online presence).
  • Only post as many times as suitable for YOUR audience and business.
  • Spend money on Social ads. They have the most successful marketing platform available in this day and age. Respect that as you expect people to pay for your business.
  • Only build genuine audience numbers as you are scored by the engagement levels on all platforms.
  • Post on each platform to match how that platform operates and for the audience using it.
  • Important: Must link into your website!

The most important thing with your business social media is to get people to engage with you and your business by forming a more personal connection.

We have a great collaboration with Monica Ferguson Photography where we will come up with the strategic plan and content for your business and then do a branding or creative photoshoot to make sure you have your own unique imagery to use for your business’s online presence.
This makes the difference in getting your business to stand out from the hundreds sometimes thousands of other similar businesses online.

The content and imagery you use must be authentic and represent you and your brand. It needs to be unique, tell a story, educate and inform all at the same time. You need to have a variety of ways you communicate and coming up with different content and high quality, original imagery can be hard and time-consuming.

Make your business shine on social media

We offer several services within the world of social media for our clients, including content calendars and strategic photoshoots to get their own original imagery for those still wanting a DIY approach, as well as a full social media management system where we can take over the whole thing for our clients whilst still making sure their personal story and branding is communicated to their target audience.

Our Social Media Management Packages include regular posts written in the format needed for the specific platforms being used, responding to messages on your behalf and keeping your page up to date. We also have Social Media Ad packages.

Again we use your unique imagery to create highly effective campaigns to get you results and can cater for a range of budgets.

Our team is unique in that we are highly skilled and experienced with eCommerce clients and create campaigns with great ROI (Return on Investment). Both packages receive monthly reporting to clearly be able to see a gage your engagement levels and ROI.

With multiple package options available we are bound to have the answer to your businesses Social media needs.

To find out how we can help you with your Social Media contact us

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